Frequently asked questions

How much will I earn?

When you send money to Earning Together, you can earn interest, calculated daily on your money and can withdraw your money at any time with no fees. You can also choose to donate up to 1% of the interest you earn. If you choose to donate your interest, the donation will be deducted from the interest we would have paid to you. For example, if you were earning 5% on the note and you donated 1%, you would receive 4% interest on your investment.

Is there a minimum deposit?


Is there a minimum withdrawal?


Are there any fees to deposit or withdraw money at any time?

Not from us, but maybe from your bank.

How does Earning Together calculate my interest?

Interest is calculated daily as of midnight UTC; prorated interest is not available if funds are withdrawn before that time.

What are Earning Together’s fees?

We do not charge any fees.

Is my money on Earning Together FDIC insured?

No, your money is not FDIC insured and is subject to risks, including loss of your entire investment.

Is my data on Earning Together secure?

Earning Together implements a number of controls to ensure our website is as secure as possible for our stakeholders. All of your interactions with the website take place over a secure and encrypted connection that uses SSL/TLS, the industry-standard security technology used by banks and other financial institutions. Personal data is stored using the latest in public key encryption technology in our data center powered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Who is the team behind Earning Together?

Nick Sullivan is the CEO and founder. He is a serial entrepreneur who was part of the founding team at Krux (sold to Salesforce for $800mm) and has over a decade of big data experience in optimizing performance through AI. Advisors include Gil Penchina and Tim Chang.