Your cash
can do better.

Earn real interest on your cash.
No fees, unlimited transfers.
Because that’s how it’s supposed to work.

No teaser rates
No marketing nonsense
No service fees
No overdraft fees
No transfer fees

The worry-free alternative for your cash

Earning Together was created with a simple principle in mind: getting the best return for your cash.

Melanie Walters

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Is your cash losing value?

Many savings accounts and even 1-2 year CDs offer less interest than the rate of inflation, meaning that your cash actually loses value. Earning Together helps you beat inflation.

Annual inflation-adjusted return of $50,000 1)

FDIC Average

0.05% nominal APY 2)


High-yield savings

0.75% nominal APY 3)


High-performing CD

0.85% nominal APY 4)


Sources: 1) Based on 1.2% inflation from January 2020 - July 2020, 2), September 7 2020 3), September 7 2020, 4), September 7 2020

I feel like I went back in time 10 years, to when my cash actually earned decent interest rates.

Gil Penchina — Investor in PayPal, LinkedIn, Wealthfront, Discord

EarningTogether is a wonderful example of innovation in ‘Business for Better’ instead of Business as Usual: better for the customer, and better for the world with the focus on giving back as part of the model.

Tim Chang — Partner, Mayfield Fund